Group and Incentive Travel

Friends who play together ... stay together

Traveling with a group of friends, family or business associates is a great way to share this great world of ours with those you enjoy spending time with.  At Prestige Travel we can make that happen for you. 

DESTINATION WEDDINGS -- .  Destination weddings are not only more economical but allow the couple to focus on each other and the special step they are taking without a lot of distractions and in a beautiful setting.  Some couples go alone but many take along special family and friends to share in the special occasion.  It's a win/win situation because not only do you get to attend the wedding but have a great vacation as well. 

INCENTIVE TRAVEL --  Many of our corporate clients have realized that rewarding their employees and clients with a fabulous trip not only greatly affects their bottom line but creates an opportunity to bond with each other and stimulates their loyalty to the company.  Cruise and island destinations are great for incentive trips because of the all-inclusive concept they offer.  The host company is able to more precisely  budget for the trip and the guests are pampered and completely taken care of.  We have also worked with companies on trips within the US to destinations such as New York City, Chicago, Las Vegas, Boston and San Francisco. 

GROUP TRAVEL--  If you have 10 or more people wanting to travel together -- you have a group.  If your group is diverse, a cruise may be a good choice because of the variety offered both in activities and ports of call.  For those looking to see an area of the world more in depth, an escorted tour is an easy and great way to accomplish this with is a group of friends.  Or, if you want to enjoy a beautiful beach setting, spa services, great food and drinks, an all-inclusive resort may be the ticket for your group.   If you are interested in putting together your own group for either a cruise vacation, escorted tour or other group event, give us a call.  In many cases there are incentives for the group leader so who knows . . . your trip could be FREE.

PRESTIGE TRAVEL ESCORTED TOURS -- We host two trips to New York each year, one to the US Open Tennis tournament and one at Christmas.  Both of these tours are escorted by Prestige Travel representatives.  Keep an eye on our web site for more details on these trips and others that we will be offering throughout the year.


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