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  • 18 Amazing Places to Honeymoon in Mexico!

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    Mexico is one of our top ten honeymoon destinations; however, it is also a great place to go if you are just trying to relax and take a vacation!  Some of these places might strike your interest!  Read the blog and find out!


  • 18 Amazing Places to Honeymoon in Mexico!

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    Mexico is one of our top ten honeymoon destinations; however, it is also a great place to go if you are just trying to relax and take a vacation!  Some of these places might strike your interest!  Read the blog and find out!


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    Debbie Elledge and daughter Lindsey have just embarked on a month long trip through France, Italy and Greece.  They will be sending us tidbits of their trip and we will be sharing them in our blog and on our Facebook page.  Their first stop is Paris where we have rented an apartment for them for the week.  This type accommodation typically has much more space than a hotel room and allows them to prepare some of their meals in the apartment and feel more like a real Parisian. 


    "Outdoor markets everywhere! We bought all sorts of fresh fruits and cheese, fresh baguette from patisserie, meat from butcher shop and had our first dinner in our apartment overlooking Eiffle Tower lit up at night!"


    "Our first day!" Lunch in Eiffel 58 Restaurant inside Eiffel Tower!"


  • Catherine & Sarah blog part IV

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    Check out the time that Catherine & Sarah had in Florence... next stop, Rome!


  • Check out our reviews!!!!

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  • Catherine & Sarah blog part III

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    Sarah & Catherine's fun in Sorrento has come to an end.  Until Florence! http://sarahdowney81.wordpress.com/2014/07/12/italy-2014-final-day-in-sorrento-july-11th/



  • Catherine & Sarah blog part II

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    Wow! These ladies are having so much fun! Go look at all the beautiful pictures! http://sarahdowney81.wordpress.com/2014/07/11/italy-2014-sorrento-and-the-amalfi-coast-july-9th-and-10th/


  • Trip of the month July 2014

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    Clients Catherine and Sarah are on an Italian adventure.  Go see what they're up to on this blog.


  • Clare L. Callicott Joins Prestige Travel

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    Columbia, SC – Betsi and Shep Jordan of family owned Prestige Travel are pleased to announce that Clare Callicott has joined their agency as a senior travel coordinator.  A native of South Africa, she brings her personal perspective of a lifetime of world travel to Prestige.  In addition to her firsthand knowledge, she gained extensive experience coordinating photographic safaris and cultural immersion trips to Africa when she worked for the California based African Travel safari outfitter and tour operator.   Clare also plans custom itineraries for travel to Europe and adventure travel destinations, as well as cruises and “celebration vacations” with as much attention to detail as if she were planning her own trip.   

    “It gives me great pleasure to meet with prospective clients and work with them to customize an itinerary for a meaningful travel experience to enrich their lives. Travelers are looking for personalized guidance they cannot find by searching the internet, and I am dedicated to offering the best service and knowledge possible so the client can have a flawlessly executed trip which will be a cherished memory.   Memories are all we truly “own” and I like to help make them as wonderful as they can be,” she said.

    Clare was educated in South Africa and, after two years of working and traveling abroad, moved to the United States in 1984.   She lived in Los Angeles and Chicago before moving to South Carolina in 1995 with her husband and two sons. 

    Prestige Travel was founded in 1992 by Betsi and Shep Jordan and is located at 2910 Devine Street in Columbia.   Telephone (803) 252-6900; the website is www.travelwithprestige.comand you can email clare@travelwithprestige.com


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    To explore your options in a focused way, you will need to develop preliminary

    answers to the following questions:

    • How long a trip do you aniticipate?
    • How much time do you want to devote to getting there an back?
    • Do you envision a very active trip, a totally relaxing trip, or a mix of the two?
    • What is your budget?
    • Do you have a particular setting such as the beach or mountains in mind?
    • Do you have special interests such as golf, snorkeling, or wine-tasting that you'd like to include in your plans?
    • Do you want to have a traditional wedding followed by a honeymoon trip or combine the wedding and honeymoon by having a destination wedding?
    • Do you find exotic or familiar locations more appealing?
    • What kinds of memories do you want to make during the trip

    Don't worry if your answer to any of these questions is " We don't know." Your Prestige Travel honeymoon specialist can help you discover the possibilities and give shape to your dreams.


  • Honeymoon 101 <3

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    You may have been dreaming abour your wedding day for as long as you can remember, imaginingevery detail.  Now it is time to turn those dreams into reality- but how do you do it?

    On the other hand, you may find yourself overwhelmed with lots of wonderful possibilities you had never even thought about.  How can you make sense of all those options and choose what is right for you?

    In either case, a travel agency that specializes in honeymoons may be just what you need.  This is not a trip you can trust to chance (or Travelocity).


    You need someone, a live person, to be there for you from the earliest stages of planning until the day you get back home from your trip.  While the internet is helpful in providing ideas and information, it cannot replace the personal attention and expertise you'll recieve from a good honeymoon specialist.  The best part is that working with a honeymoon specialist typically costs no more than making your own arrangements online and may save you money.  It will undoubtedly save you time, streamline the planning process, and contribute to your peace of mind all along the way.

    • Prestige Travel's Honeymoon/ Destination Wedding Specialist, Betsi Jordan

                      Meet Betsi jordan, owner of Prestige Travel and our very own honeymoon and destination wedding travel specialist.  Betsi has been helping couples plan their special trip for 20 years with a great deal of success.  She has traveled extensively throughout the Caribbean and Mexico getting firsthand knowledge of the islands and resorts it has to offer.  In addition to multiple cruise experiences, Betsi has also traveled throughout Europe, New Zealand and South Africa. 

    Betsi's personal experiences are enhanced by her BS Degree in Business Administration from the University of South Carolina, as well as certificatios as a travel specialist from Karisma Hotels, AM Resorts and the Sandals and Couples resort groups.



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    Must be booked between Jan. 7-28, 2013 for travel Jan. 7-Dec 20, 2013; stays of 6 nights of more. To redeem call (803)252-6900 or email betsi@travelwithprestige.com

    *Other Restrictions May Apply 

  • Steps to Planning Your Next Vacation

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    Planning a vacation or trip can be an exciting, yet time consuming task.  For you to plan your perfect trip all you need to do is follow a few easy steps!

    1. What kind of trip are you going on?

    • A destinations appeal to you is dictated by what you want to get out of your trip.  There are so many types of trips (leisure, adventure, spa, nostalgic) it is important to figure out why you are wanting to go on a trip in the first place!

    2. Who is coming?!

    • After getting an idea of what kind of trip you want to go on, it is time to see who fits into this vacation.  A romantic island getaway may not be the place you want to spend with your two adolescent children.  Whoever isn't invited on this trip will be ok..just make sure they get to come next time :)

    3. Budget $

    • I know, this is the last thing you want to think about while planning a trip, but it must be done!! After you decide what you want to do on your trip and who is coming, you need to see how much you have to spend.  Luckily if you use Prestige Travel we package airfare, hotels, etc and make it a little easier for you to see how much money you have left to spend.  Budget will also dwindle down the number of places on your list, so that you can find the right destination for you.

    4. Book It

    • Don't waste any time booking your travel plans.  The earlier you get this done the more money you will save vs. booking everything last minute.  Once again this is another advantage of booking with Prestige Travel.  Working with other travel companies allows us to give special discounts or packages based on when and where you are heading out!

    4. What do you need for your destination?

    • This part of the planning helps you decide what you need to pack.  Do you need a passport for the location you are going to? Do you need a snorkel or a swimsuit?

    5. Make a List

    • After deciding what you need to take on your trip, make a list and check it twice! There is nothing worse than arriving to your destination and realizing that you forgot your favorite bathing suit or your phone charger. 

    6. Confirm!!!!

    • This last step is the most important! It NEVER hurts to confirm all of your travel plans and accomidations in advance.  So many times people show up to the hotel a day early or flights change and you have missed your plane.  Confirming only takes a minute and it will greatly reduce the stress level of your travels

    Hope this is helpful and use Prestige Travel to help you with booking your next vacation or honeymoon

  • Welcome to Prestige Travel

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    Prestige Travel is backed by the buying power of Vacations.com so we can customize the best trip for you at the best price for you. We also plan destination weddings! Please browse our Web site for general information about destinations, flights and rates, but give us a call before you book so we can shop around and make sure you're getting the best deal.

    The journey of a lifetime begins with the first step. Call Prestige Travel at 803-252-6900 to start your next great adventure.

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